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At Summit, we have special resources!

Almost every sector of the economy including commercial, industrial and residential produces hazardous waste. Essentially any substance that is potentially harmful to people and/or the environment can be labeled as dangerous. Provincial and Federal regulations list and control these substances regarded as hazardous, and the list is huge. Identifying, handling, transporting, disposing and/or recycling hazardous waste is complicated and requires special resources. At Summit, we have those special resources!

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At Summit Environmental Services

Summit is an eco-friendly company that takes pride in giving back to the environment by working with each client independently to ensure they get the best rate/quote tailored to their needs. At Summit, we safely dispose, recycle, and reuse waste with the vision of preserving the environment. This is founded on the belief that everybody has a part to play in reducing our carbon footprint. Summit is a proud partner and supporter of Goodwill Industries to promote cleanliness, safety, and sustainability. At Summit, we care! Call us at 780-361-8646 or contact us by email.

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